Ace Palm Springs, My Wonderful Wife

Back in Munich we had decided that Palm springs would be the first stop of our honeymoon. My wife had researched two hotels: The Le Meridien Parker and the ACE. I immediately fell in love with the Parker because of the sophisticated and slightly crazy movies that show their different types of rooms – have a look at their website. My wife preferred the ACE. In the end, it was a question of budget. The ACE was slightly more affordable and so we decided to book a larger room in the ACE, which had its own private patio including a fire place.

The Ace Palm Springs, Entrance

The entrance to paradise – say hi to the crowd

The Ace Palm Springs, Pool 1

The main pool – I really like the old-school furniture

The Ace Palm Springs, Pool 2

More of the main pool – let the party begin

The ACE truly feels and looks like a motel from the 50s. The rooms are a perfect combination of reduced design (the floor is pure cement), stylish furniture and cool extras: there’s an open mini bar on top of the sink and besides the bed is a vinyl player with nice LPs.

Why come back

There are plenty of reasons to come back:

  1. The chilled atmosphere: Everybody here was just so relaxed. Most of the guests were super hip, but different to most design hotels in Europe they didn’t seem to critically judge others. Even if they didn’t have nerd glasses, a beard or tons of tattoos 😉
  2. The delicious food at King’s Highway, the old-school diner of the ACE hotel: They offer dishes with a twist. Both their burgers and their salads are a must try. We especially loved their quinoa salad with dates, cranberries and kale and their Citrus Jikama salad #nomnom. One evening we went to Mr Parker’s, but we were slightly disappointed. Their French food is totally fine, but as a European it was nothing spezial. Maybe we have been in France, too often. Next evening we returned to King’s Highway again and were super happy with our decision.
  3. Palm Springs: The city is always worth a visit. The mid century architecture in combination with the desert-like landscape is absolutely breathtaking. If you go there, make sure that you do the architecture tour. You can buy a map with all interesting buildings for a few dollars at the tourists office. Note: There’s also an app that seems to offer more information for the same amount of money.

Room for improvement

Don’t get me wrong, the staff at the ACE is nice and friendly, but the service experience wasn’t perfect. They knew that we were on honeymoon, but they didn’t react to that fact, at all. I wouldn’t expect an upgrade or something big (even if we dreamt about it), but a simple congratulation or a free cocktail at the pool bar would have been nice. This brings me back to Mr Parker’s: their service was definitely superior and they also invited us to a beautifully decorated and delicious dessert.

Totally in with

48 degrees Celsius are a strong argument to do nothing except from chilling at the pool. That is perfect if you tend to be overly active as we sometimes are, but could really need some rest and peace. Grab one of their delicious cocktails, listen to the cool music and relax. BTW I found this fantastic review on TripAdvisor: Not for kids (unless they’re drunk hipsters). It’s maybe the best way to describe the ACE feeling. Do you wanna join the hipster crowd? Don’t forget to get a drink all the time and smoke plenty of cigarettes 😉

What my wife says

The ACE is by far the coolest, hippest and most relaxed hotel I have ever been to. I pretty much loved everything there: from the beautifully industrial-vintage style decorated room, the awesome cocktails (my favorites were the Desert Facial and Pimms 32), the water sprinkler at the pool bar, their yummy Granola Parfait for breakfast, to the record player in the room. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the madness of a work day, I wish I could beam Jan and me back to the ACE. We’ll be back xoxo.

Let more pictures speak

The Ace Palm Springs, My Wonderful Wife 2

My wonderful wife at the entrance of the main pool. Let’s go swimming 🙂

The Ace Palm Springs, Room 1

Our room with a bed you don’t want to leave (perfect for a honeymoon, right?)

The Ace Palm Springs, room 2

Details make the difference – it’s so cool to have your own turntable in your room

The Ace Palm Springs, Room 3

Great pictures on the wall

The Ace Palm Springs, Selfie 1

We’re married now – it’s time to dress like twins. Not 😉

The Ace Palm Springs, Drinks 1

The cocktails at the pool bar were super refreshing

The Ace Palm Springs, Breakfast

Time for a “healthy” breakfast

The Ace Palm Springs, Selfie 2

Take a drink before brushing your teeth? You’ll find the booze straight above the sink in your room 🙂

The Ace Palm Springs, Entrance

Even the lobby of the ACE is so beautiful. BTW, this is the place where you can buy all the fancy ACE stuff

Mr Parker's Palm Springs

On the way to our honeymoon dinner at Mr Parker’s – the entrance of the The Parker Palm Spring. It’s such a cool location, to

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