Visiting Melbourne for the first time, I was totally flashed by the quality of the food. Almost everything I tried, tasted awesome. Even if it’s really expensive to go out in Australia, if you’re used to European prices, I would strongly recommend you to invest as much money as you can in food and drinks. Choose a cheaper hotel, if you want to save some money. Saigon Sally, a tip of my fancy hotel, really surprised me. It’s located in a small backroad in Prahran and it’s surrounded by small one family houses. You wouldn’t expect such an fancy restaurant in this small street. Opening the entrance you enter a large room with concrete floor and walls, it almost looks like an unfinished garage. In the middle of the room, you’ll find a huge bar. The hole location looks like a super hip bar but not like an amazing restaurant, but this impression is totally wrong. If your lucky enough to get one of the few tables (make sure to book your table in advance) the nice staff will offer you some delicious dishes. It was the best Asian food I’ve ever had outside of an Asian country.

Must try

I have followed the recommendation by our lovely waitress and tried their signature fish curry. At the risk of repeating myself: this was the best curry I have ever eaten. It’s not comparable to an traditional Thai curry, it’s more like the hip version of and Indian curry. I have also ordered a green papaya salad with crispy shallots, fresh herbs and nuoc nam, wich reminded me of my holidays in Philippines. I am totally in love with this beautiful country, so this is a huge compliment. My colleague who doesn’t like seafood that much ordered the saigon chili crabs, soft shell crabs with tomatoes, black beans, lime and chili and he loved it too.

Don’t go there with

I wouldn’t recommend you to go to Saigon Sally with your traditional (grand-) parents, especially if they are sensitive to noise. It’s super crowded, it’s dark and it’s really loud. Except from that, got there with everybody you want. It’s always worth a visit.

The restaurant in 1 sentence

Fancy backroad garage with amazing asian food.




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