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Saigon Sally, Melbourne


Visiting Melbourne for the first time, I was totally flashed by the quality of the food. Almost everything I tried, tasted awesome. Even if it’s really expensive to go out in Australia, if you’re used to European prices, I would strongly recommend you to invest as much money as you can in food and drinks. Choose a cheaper hotel, if you want to save some money. Saigon Sally, a tip of my fancy hotel, really surprised me. It’s located in a small backroad in Prahran and it’s surrounded by small one family houses. You wouldn’t expect such an fancy restaurant in this small street. Weiterlesen

Das Kranzbach – An English Castle in Bavaria

Das Kranzbach

Driving to the “Das Kranzbach” for the first time, you can hardly believe your eyes. A small private road brings you to a hidden valley and suddenly you see an English castle, surrounded by old woods, rough mountains and -best of all- no other buildings as far as your eye can reach. You might believe that you’ve been beamed straight into a fairy tale. But no, it’s not a Disney movie rather than one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Bavaria.

Built in 1913 and inspired by the arts and craft movement, this castle was supposed to be the residence of the English Lady Mary Porter. She had commissioned the castle while studying in Leipzig. Sad but true, due to WWI she never saw her finalized castle. In between the house has been used for several purposes until it finally became a hotel in 2007. Before the opening of “Das Kranzbach”, the old building was renovated thoroughly and complemented by a wonderful SPA area. The new, wooden building is a perfect example of a stylish but reduced architecture that is confident enough not to compete with the old castle or the breath-taking nature. Weiterlesen

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