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Sunday Street Art – The Art of Listening


Whenever I am discovering a city, I keep an eye out for interesting street art. It’s not that I am deliberately searching for it.  Weiterlesen

Indian Summer Dirndl Love

Pink Dirndl Love

Lately, the weather has been unusually warm and sunny for a Bavarian fall. Wish we could repeat the Oktoberfest, again. As a Münchner Kindl, someone who was born in Munich you need to have a dirndl. I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan, at first. When I was younger I always went to Oktoberfest in regular clothes as. Back then, it was an exception if you wore traditional clothing.  But a few years ago that changed. My first adult dirndl was an olive & rose dirndl and especially my dad who loves traditional Bavarian clothing was really happy about it. That’s when, slowly but surel,  I started to fall for dirndls 🙂 Weiterlesen

Sunrise, Sunset and Inner Sunshine

Sunrises and sunsets are magical. As a night owl and definitely not an early morning bird, I get to see way more  sunsets than sunrises. The more special it is, when I manage to get up early enought to witness a sunrise.

Today I want to share with you two memorable ones that make me happy by just thinking about them. Weiterlesen

Miss Bliss says hi!

Miss Bliss says hi!

Miss Bliss is live – hooray!
Here I will post about things that make me happy and my life more meaningful. Weiterlesen

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