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Saigon Sally, Melbourne


Visiting Melbourne for the first time, I was totally flashed by the quality of the food. Almost everything I tried, tasted awesome. Even if it’s really expensive to go out in Australia, if you’re used to European prices, I would strongly recommend you to invest as much money as you can in food and drinks. Choose a cheaper hotel, if you want to save some money. Saigon Sally, a tip of my fancy hotel, really surprised me. It’s located in a small backroad in Prahran and it’s surrounded by small one family houses. You wouldn’t expect such an fancy restaurant in this small street. Weiterlesen

Silvaner Hildegard 2012, Hauck


Mal wieder eine Empfehlung des Weinhändlers unseres Vertrauens. Auf der Suche nach weniger säurehaltigen Alternativen zu unseren Favoriten Riesling und Sauvigon Blanc sind wir vor einiger Zeit auf diesen Silvaner aus Rheinhessen aufmerksam geworden. Spontan hat er uns richtig gut geschmeckt, bevor unsere Begeisterung mit der Zeit etwas abgeklungen ist und wir uns anderen Weinen zugewendet haben. Umso gespannter waren wir jetzt, gut ein Jahr später, wie uns die verbliebene Flasche dieses Weines schmecken würde. Weiterlesen

Das Kranzbach – Noblesse Oblige (Update 2014)


Visiting Das Kranzbach for the first time in 2013 (read more here), we immediately fell in love with this amazing hideaway. Back in our busy everyday lifes, we couldn’t stop dreaming of our weekend trip. Even though it only was a very short trip, it gave us so much positive energy. This is why we decided to start a new tradition and visit Das Kranzbach every year.


Buckingham Place – Royal Treatment at its Best


When you arrive at this wonderful small resort, you can hardly believe that Tangalle in one of the most touristic areas of Sri Lanka. The resort is located at the end of a small road in the middle of nowhere. When the front gate opens, you see an incredibly well maintained garden with palm trees, a swimming pool and several two-floor bungalows. Looking slightly too modern and functional from the outside, the interior of the bungalows is simply stunning.  Weiterlesen

Weisser Burgunder 2009, Hirschhof (German)

2009 Weisser Burgunder, Weingut Hirschhof

Immer wieder passiert es uns, dass wir einen leckeren Wein kaufen, der uns für den Alltag erst zu schade ist und den wir dann nach einer Weile vergessen. So ist es uns auch bei diesem 2009er Weißen Burgunder vom Weingut Hirschhof passiert. Gekauft haben wir den Wein bereits im September 2011 zusammen mit einem exzellenten Riesling während eines Kurztrips nach Worms. Jetzt, gut 3 Jahre später, bin ich beim Aufräumen im Keller zufällig über die letzte Flasche des Weißen Burgunders gestolpert, der uns damals sehr gut geschmeckt hatte. Dieses Wochenende war es dann soweit: Miss Bliss und ich wollten endlich wieder mal zusammen kochen und das orientalische Zitronenhuhn von Ali Güngörmüş erschien uns ein würdiger Mahl als Begleitung des Weißen Burgunders. Weiterlesen

Sunday Street Art – The Art of Listening


Whenever I am discovering a city, I keep an eye out for interesting street art. It’s not that I am deliberately searching for it.  Weiterlesen

In Love With Braids

„If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything“

Iris Apfel, Harpers Bazaar, April 2013


Amba Estate – Teatime In Paradise

Amba Estate - Farm House

The beautiful farmhouse

Situated in the highlands of Sri Lanka between Ella and Banderawella, this little guesthouse in Ambadandegama is a true gem and worth the bumpy ride to reach it. It’s not only a guesthouse, but probably also Sri Lanka’s smallest tea estate. Here, quality is what matters most. Weiterlesen

Indian Summer Dirndl Love

Pink Dirndl Love

Lately, the weather has been unusually warm and sunny for a Bavarian fall. Wish we could repeat the Oktoberfest, again. As a Münchner Kindl, someone who was born in Munich you need to have a dirndl. I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan, at first. When I was younger I always went to Oktoberfest in regular clothes as. Back then, it was an exception if you wore traditional clothing.  But a few years ago that changed. My first adult dirndl was an olive & rose dirndl and especially my dad who loves traditional Bavarian clothing was really happy about it. That’s when, slowly but surel,  I started to fall for dirndls 🙂 Weiterlesen

Sunrise, Sunset and Inner Sunshine

Sunrises and sunsets are magical. As a night owl and definitely not an early morning bird, I get to see way more  sunsets than sunrises. The more special it is, when I manage to get up early enought to witness a sunrise.

Today I want to share with you two memorable ones that make me happy by just thinking about them. Weiterlesen

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